Thought Hive: What Your Website Needs for Your Business to Prosper

A non-optimized site throws away valuable leads every minute. Do you know if your website is providing insight to those who are looking for your products and services? Do you think a digital dress-up would help attract prospects to your business funnel?

In today’s Thought Hive, we’ll look at ways you can refresh your website and set your company up for success.


You are not the same today as you were yesterday or yesteryear, and truth be told neither is your business. When was the last time you re-established and refreshed your business goals? Over the years your approach to inbound marketing has adjusted with the market. Due to these changes how prospects interact with your website has also adjusted. For example, more and more people are going online as their first reference to gather information about product or service before ever speaking to a sales rep, or calling or emailing a company.

How is your website performing amidst this competition? You probably are finding that your company could benefit from re-establishing your website goals.

Here are a few reasons why you should re-establish your site goals annually:

  • Industry market research
  • Industry best practices
  • New website trends


In 2015, several companies such as Google, released data showing a shift to all things mobile-friendly. Since then market research has shown the steady rise in mobile usage, so much so that in fall 2016 mobile has surpassed desktop internet usage. This is a major shift. If your site goals do not accommodate current trends your business could be missing out on 50% of leads.

In an effort to capture current mobile traffic you want to implement one of the 2017 mobile marketing trends

This is just one shift in current market research. In order to remain a leader in your field, one-step ahead of competitors and a business of best practices, you must be able to re-establish your website goals based on current developments.

We are past the hype on mobile. What comes after hype? It’s standard at this point.—Michael Treon, Head of Business Operations, Roy-Pitz Brewing Co.


How are you currently interacting with prospects and customers? Are you using email, blogging or social media? How are your engagement metrics? Are any of your efforts prompting leads?

If you want engagement, be engaging. Be conversational. Ask questions. Leave room for your audience to add their voice.—Darren Rowse, Founder & Keynote Speaker, ProBlogger Training Events


Take a look at your metrics and see if you could use a refresh around your social media and video marketing efforts. Are you storytelling with a growth driven design? Current industry leaders are pointing at mobile, social media and video as the new growing demand by consumers. Do you have a strategy to tell compelling stories that further your business and allow you to have increased engagement?

The key here is to identify two things:

Why are personas visiting your site?
Are you storytelling with growth driven design?

Once you identify these reasons, you can curate strategies to target your buyer personas and their buyer journey. Once you identify their needs, you can craft compelling content and disseminate that information across channels.

Check out industry leader Bonin Bough’s sit down with music producer, artist and Harvard graduate Ryan Leslie as they discuss thoughts on the positives and cautions of mobile marketing:



Another standard practice continuing for 2017 is responsive website design. In particular mobile-friendly responsive design. One thing you can implement right away in order to refresh your website, drive traffic and get on Google’s good side is developing a responsive website.

Pro Tip: Did you know Google may penalize your site for not being responsive?

In 2015, Google rolled out a mobile-friendly update which altered the search algorithm. This update affected:

  • Search rankings on mobile devices
  • Search results in all languages globally
  • Individual pages

Without a mobile-friendly, responsive site your website search results may actually be affected when prospects try to locate your company. Google will favor other sites with responsive design over sites that are not responsive. Having a responsive site will give your company maximized opportunity.

To get more answers on responsive design, check out our FAQ Friday: Questions About Responsive Website Design.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.Charles Darwin

Below is another resource you may find helpful in re-evaluating your current site:

Is a Traditional Website Still Effective Website Design?



It’s your time to shine with realignment. How is your brand design and consistency? Are you confident that all your content is on brand? It's easy to get caught up in meetings, focusing on sales and supporting your team, and end up neglecting your brand. If this is the case, you're not alone. However, you want to guarantee a consistent branded user experience across your online presence.

Here are a few areas worth highlighting:

  • Overall Brand
  • Brand Copy
  • Brand Voice/Tone
  • Color Scheme
  • Unique Value Proposition (UVP)*

Successful marketing today isn’t about tricking your audience into doing what you want; it’s about developing a real relationship with them through your brand and your content.Jayson DeMers, Founder & CEO, AudienceBloom

All of these areas should be in alignment across the pages of your website and should extend to your social media platforms, email and video marketing as well. If any of these pages are off-brand you might want to address it. Consistency builds trust with your clients. Brand consistency also allows prospects to identify you quickly (think Nike or Jack In The Box). Strong brands deliver consistency at all angles. Alignment across your website and social media platforms will allow for an unified and consistent user experience. This unified experience results in customer delight, which lends to valuable word-of-mouth promotion and even extended customer lifetime value, something you can not put a dollar amount to. Most marketers and sales professionals understand that word-of-mouth referral is so valuable that it’s priceless.

By simply aligning your website to reflect brand consistency across channels can have a profound impact on your prospects.

*UVP is a statement or message that describes what your company does, how you solve your customer’s needs, and how that sets you apart from your competitors. The key here is consistency across all channels.

FAQ Friday: Your Questions About Website Redesign Answered



How is the view from where you sit? If you are prepared to re-establish, repurpose, realign and make a mobile-friendly responsive site, with these slight alterations, you will completely refresh your site for optimized lead capture.

Your next steps are to monitor your site analytics and record the data of these slight changes made to your website. Be sure to pay attention to your mobile tracking and see what traction your site is garnering.

We are confident that you’ll be able to admire the view from your 2017 refresh.


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