Thought Hive: Video Marketing for Social Media

If you're looking to add online video to your social media marketing mix and need a strategy and plan, look no further. In this week's edition of Thought Hive, you will get the answer to those burning questions that allow you to jump in and execute like the pro that you are.

Adding video to your marketing plan is a guaranteed 3-point swish like the Splash Brothers.



For many, video content is just an extra step on top of their already stretched marketing efforts. Yes, it’s fun and engaging but many wonder, “is video really necessary? Do I have to do it?” Well the short answer is not engaging in video marketing can actually draw income away from your business.

Pro Tip: 76.5% of marketers and small business owners reported they see direct results through their video marketing efforts.

And if the stats are not enough, wouldn’t you rather watch a video on a product or service than see a web advertisement? We are willing to bet you’d rather watch a video. Guess what? Your prospects would rather to watch that video too.



Berkowitz is right about this one.

If you are not engaging in video marketing at the moment, know that your peers or competitors are, and they’re seeing a direct impact in increased prospects, leads and sales. See why video marketing is necessary for a successful marketing campaign for 2017.

Pro Tip: Why invest in video for social media?

The short answer is video is the best call-to-action or CTA for your business.

Web advertisements, billboard ads, commercials on television or even buying ad space on radio are all not interactive. With online video, the power is given back to the viewer. They get to pick and choose what they would like to watch.

Nine times out of 10 a viewer is visiting your social platform to learn something or gain information from you. Where better than social media to place this type of powerful pull for actionthe play button?

Is video a powerful sales tool?

Yes! Check out this infographic below from our partners at Vidyard.



Pro Tip: With 1.74 billion users on Facebook alone, go to where your audience is—online.

Get out there and put the best practices of inbound to use by posting videos as a form of call to action for all those potential prospects just waiting to know more about your business. Allure them, tantalize them and drive them to click, click, click.

How do I get started?

Developing a video marketing plan to incorporate within your overall inbound strategy takes time.

Pro Tip: Set measurable goals that are mindful of your buyer personas.

Video Thumbnail

Building content that answers questions, addresses pain points and caters to your prospects will directly impact the value you deliver to potential leads. The more value delivered over time, the more prospects you will attract under that tree of yours.

Once you know who you are creating content for and what they need you are ready to begin thinking creatively about innovative content campaigns to engage your personas.

Video Trends

Here are a few current trends to keep in mind while building your video campaign.

Pro Tip: Mobile video is seeing an up kick as more and more viewers begin to view video content via their smart phones. 2016 research shows that 52% of internet mobile users want to see more social media posts and 43% wanted to see more videos in the future.

And though 2017 just started, we are confident that those numbers have only increased.

Lastly, remember that video for social media is designed to be shared. That is the core of social media platforms—sharing. The mere nature of posting anything online via a social platform is for the premise of sharing.



This is something to also keep in mind. Increased social traffic means that your content is resonating with prospects.

8 Ideas To Kick Start Your Video Storyboard


Everyone loves a tutorial when they are looking for answers to a question. Can your team put together a tutorial that services some of your company's FAQ on a product or service? It’s like reading a manual or calling and talking to a customer service rep to walk you through something step-by-step.

You can even take a fun twist on a traditional tutorial video by adding graphics and sounds. Another fun twist that also provides value are videos that showcase “How not to (fill in the blank)."

Go ahead, get creative but keep in mind who you are servicing.

Product Demos

Product demos are great for any business that wants to have prospects “try them out” before they buy. A demo video will allow your prospect to see exactly how your promised product or service would work.

From your personas perspective, a product demo video allows them to take one step closer in examining your product. It is safe to say they are shopping at a distance. They are not ready to purchase just yet, not ready to talk to a salesperson but want to check you out—uninterrupted. A video can further their experience stepping them one foot closer in the buyer's journey.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind your branding. Don’t take shortcuts on this. Deliver a strong tasteful brand presentation throughout your videos. Think of an innovative way to place your logo, brand slog or color scheme within a video without it looking like a “news flash” alter.

Product/Service Reviews

Reviews have changed the way we all shop. The white page and yellow page books have more or less become obsolete while google reviews and yelp have stepped up as the certified voice in the digital age.

Checkout this innovative product review for GoPro:


Pro Tip:  Ever considered an Influencer to review your product or service? An influencer can be any key person that lots of people follow on social media platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). Find which platform your personas are on and then spend some time researching voices they trust on that medium. Have a virtual assistant business you are trying to get off the ground? Maybe research Instagrammers who travel the world being a VA. Work with them on a YouTube video or series of videos that layout the “keys to being a successful VA." Teaming up with other industry leaders can drive business.


Have a seat and allow your prospects to get up close and personal with you. Post a video or “Go Live” (more on that later) with a prominent figure within your company who answers your most frequently asked questions. Or have this same figure give an under 2-minute “about us” highlighting your passion and mission to help solve your personas problems. This is not a time to talk about you or your business—though that will be tempting. This is rather a moment to drive value and answer what your viewers need to know.

Pro Tip: One-on-one videos are a great way to build trust. Most people spend their money with a brand or person they value and trust. This type of video really drives the trust factor.

Employee Fun

Some businesses would benefit from a fun employee video. You want people to know that your staff is happy to serve them, or that when they work with you these are the people behind the scenes driving value. Showcasing a positive and fun work environment can help HR departments in their recruiting efforts. It can also drive brand culture.

Know your personas and what they want to have answered by your team. Then go create it!


Pretty self-explanatory, literally. How-to videos help you go deeper into a brand and even take home tips that you can reuse. Now that’s value you can use.

Checkout this “How-to” video from Lush Cosmetics on their famous bath bombs.

Pop-Up Shop Live

Ever thought about taping your next “on-location” event live? Create your own news and buzz by “Going Live” the next time you do a pop-up event. Let people know where you are, what you are selling and how long you will be on location. This is a fun and innovative way to keep prospects engaged; encourage them to share socially and jump in the conversation.

Product Launches

I haven’t seen social media product launches done better than in the makeup industry. Brands like Benefit Cosmetics are really into Snapchat and they should be. Over half of Snapchat account holders are young adult females. We see someone knows their audience (wink).

See how they do it:

Apple also does this really, really well:

Why not you? Stay true to your brand voice and create innovative videos that showcase your new services and products.

Pro Tip: Events are also really fun to capture on video.

Okay great, so now the ideas are flowing to you. Perfect! You will still need to upload that great video onto social sites and an online video platform. Here are some pointers on great sites for you to use and why.

The popularity of these king of the heap social video platforms create for easy and maximum visibility of your content.

Primary social video sites that allow you to host video:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Vimeo

Online Video Platforms (OVP) that allow you to serve up video on your website:

  • Brightcove
  • Ooyala
  • Vidyard
  • Wistia

In addition to hosting your video on social sites, we recommend serving up your video content on your own site with an online video platform. You can embed YouTube or other social video on your website, but why not get the SEO benefits of having viewers access your video on your website through your own domain with an OVP.

The advantages of an online video platform are many but here are a few:

  • Server bandwidth
    • Your website server or ISP may have bandwidth limitations.  An online video platform is specifically designed for high quality online video performance.
  • File size limits
    • Video files consume large amounts of space. An OVP is optimized for hosting video content.
  • Slow loading
    • We all despise it. Slow loading depends on several different factors including the individual viewer's internet access. An OVP streamlines playback speeds by using dynamic adaptive streaming through a content delivery network.
  • Playback across multiple devices
    • Different screening devices have different sizes and therefore need compatible resolution files for optimized playback. An OVP, through HTML5 and other coding, provides access to several different video files encoded at different data rates.

Considering the above, you should now be able to give your video wide exposure by placing it on a social site like YouTube and by serving up your video on your own site with an online video platform like Vidyard or Wistia. Now you can distribute video easier and create an optimized user experience.

More on Facebook and other social platforms that love video:

  • Facebook is a 1.7 billion user social media platform. With static post, image, video integration and live broadcasting, Facebook is an ever-evolving medium. If your personas are mainly on Facebook, you can do just about anything to reach them.
  • Periscope is linked with Twitter and can allow you to “Go Live." You cannot host videos on periscope but you can embed links from Wistia, Ustream, YouTube, etc. on Twitter.
  • Instagram can now be integrated within your Facebook, which is a great 2017 update. From Instagram you can record video and upload right into Facebook. It just got easier to share content with your viewers!
  • Snapchat is a generation z, millennial and generation x audience, if your personas are mainly on Snapchat—get chatting! But be mindful that your video clips aka “snaps” will disappear in 24 hours—so don’t forget to save anything you want to keep and share across platforms.

Lastly we want to leave you with a few best practices for a well-rounded, online video marketing plan.

Dos and Dont's of Video Marketing

  • Scripting: Do storyboard and develop a script. Map everything out as much as possible. This will help create a professional and seamless production.
  • SEO best practices: Do read our previous blog on Best SEO Practices. You’ve got the content and are ready to go but people aren’t finding your sitewe can help with that.
  • Mobile, Tablet, Desktop. . . oh my: Make sure your content is responsive and UX (User Experience) friendly.
  • Engagement: Engage we say . . . engage! Do comment and interact with your prospects.

Still need a little more information? Checkout our previous post on the Ins and Outs of Social Media Video.

Contact us @directimages if you have any questions. Consider us your teammate in this. Until next time, happy filming.


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