Stand Out in Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns


Social media is where it's at in today's world for spreading the news about your product, interacting with your customers and building a loyal fan base. With 84% of B2B marketers promoting their business on social media, it's vital to stay up-to-date online or risk falling behind your competition.

However, coming up with new and fresh social media campaign ideas can feel like a challenge. It can be difficult to know how best to invest your energy in the various networks, e.g., how to use Twitter versus how to use Facebook for your marketing. And while it's nice to follow a pattern that is guaranteed to work, it's also important to be original in your campaigns. So to kick you off, here are some social media campaign ideas as well as the factors that can help make or break your social media attempts.

  • One of the simplest campaign ideas that can get a great response from your following and help spread the word about your company and your products is to feature a prize giveaway.

    By encouraging people to share a post on Facebook or to retweet a post on Twitter to enter, you can instantly create a post that will get a great reach. If your giveaway is one of your products, this allows a lot of exposure for this product to a lot of people who may have never heard of it.

  • Another idea high on the list of great campaign ideas is to release some valued info as a reward for either reaching a certain number of followers or for sharing a post a certain number of times.

    This way, fans of your product can actively help you promote yourself in a very permission-based way—feeling more personally invested in your social media success as a business. The released info could be a sneak peek at a new product, a giveaway, an exclusive clip or interview, a live question and answer session, or another type of online event that fans will enjoy.

Rule of Thumb #1: Simply create content that provides something of value to your fans

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  • Sometimes, it can be great to give recognition back to your online community. While most campaign ideas can seem to focus on your business, a great campaign can be to simply feature one of your customers—highlighting what they do and how your product has helped them. This gives your customers exposure to your positive company culture while giving others a concrete example of what your product can do—providing transparency by showing how you delight your customers.

  • One of the more ambitious, but creatively rewarding social media marketing campaign ideas, is to start an online trend. While it can be very difficult to predict what will go viral and what won't, a good rule of thumb is simply to create content that provides something of value to your fans.

    Whether it's starting a weekly DIY post where you share a little-known fact about your industry, creating short, micro-blogging videos to give behind the scenes highlights or even creating a humorous meme or blog post to share a joke with your audience, the online trend campaign strategy is all about creating shareable content that unites your current audience while engaging potential fans and customers.

Rule of Thumb #2: Worked hard with your content? Share it to let your audience experience the feels 🙌

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  • Most importantly, keep track of everything that you are doing and make notes on what works and what doesn't. While not an idea in and of itself, this principle should apply to all of your campaign ideas.

    After all, how can you know where your energy is best spent unless you keep track of what your audience is responding to? Once you have this information, you can use it to not only make your marketing efforts more efficient but also to bring your audience more of what they enjoy hearing from you.

Social media marketing campaign ideas can seem a bit intimidating at first. The challenge of continuously giving your following valuable, interesting content can feel like a high-pressure task. But it is also one of the best opportunities you have to market yourself.

Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.—Guy Kawasaki, Alltop Co-Founder and Entrepreneur

By embracing creative solutions and becoming more aware of what your audience wants from you, you can build a highly influential social media presence. If you're feeling a little unsure of where to start, calling in professional help can also get you off to the right start!

Contact us today for more social media marketing campaign ideas and how to best measure your results—building the online presence your audience loves while nurturing the growth that your business needs.

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