NAB Report: Video Production Trends 2014

Over 1500 top video companies unveiled new broadcasting related products to over 98,000 visitors at NAB 2014.  Here is a look at some of the current trends in video that are occurring.

Forrest Knowland checks out the Canon booth

4K meets Internet video

NAB 2014 revealed the continued evolution toward Internet broadcasting and 4K video.  The two areas seem diametrically opposed, but manufacturers are working toward a unified experience. 2014 is the year that a new codec comes to town: H.265.  It is slated to replace H.264 as the next generation compression standard. The current wrapper / container for H.264 is MPEG-4.  The new container for H.265 is HEVC which stands for High Efficiency Video Codec. It not only doubles the compression ratio as compared to H.264, but astonishingly can support files up to 8K. Adaptation by manufacturers will continue to pick up through the end of the year and into 2015. 

Stream mobile with Teradek
Remote broadcasting for Independents An independent videographer or creative agency now has many compact ways to broadcast right from an ENG shoot. Brand names LiveU and TVU say it all with their mobile video backpack cellular solutions. Teradek encoders which support a wide range of protocols including RTP, RTMP and HLS allow you to stream live high definition videos directly to the web through WiFi or 4G/LTE USB modem. Teradek’s VidiU product line offers API level integration with the Ustream and new Livestream platforms. You can even use a plugin for Wirecast and TriCaster which allows Teradek Cube, Cube Pro, and Bond users to import live HD video directly into your web video production using Telestream's or NewTek's software platform.

Integrated online video solutions

Integrated solution video platforms are on the rise. A number of new entrants are joining platform based mult-bitrate streaming companies like Brightcove and Ooyala.  A number of companies including Telestream, Livestream, Ustream, XYZ Stream Hosting and others are now providing expanded platform services and distribution options that include hosting, encoding, adaptive video streaming and video analytics.

The LED lighting revolution continues

Litepanels introduced their LED Sola line fresnels which use a fraction of the power that 20th century fresnels did. Kino Flo followed its revolutionary LED Celeb 200 with the spanking new Celeb 400.  The Kino Flo Celeb line allows you to not only adjust luminance, but color temperature as well, enabling on-the-spot decisions whether to balance for Tungsten, Daylight or anything in between.

Litepanels Sola fresnels

Build it and they will shoot

DSLRs vs camcorders

The great debate between DSLRs (with their low cost and large sensors that feature a cinematic shallow depth of field) and full sized cameras (with their run and gun flexibility and long record times) continues.  For DSLRs, many companies such as Zacuto, Wooden Camera and Cinemecanix allow you to build out your camera with a custom rig.  Redrock Micro and Wondlan showcased remote, follow-focus solutions for both camcorders and DSLRs.  Freefly Systems released their new smaller sized MoVI M5 which has the same handheld 3-axis digitial stabilized camera gimbal system that its big brother the M10 has. Lots of wild cages and other contraptions were present that allowed for all sorts of interesting camera moves, including the MK-V Auto-leveling Revolution System.  Digital video interface company Aja must have gotten fed up with seeing competitor Blackmagic release yet another incredibly innovative line of cameras as part of their product offering.  This year Aja introduced its first camera, CION which claims to have all the connectors in just the right spots.  Of course you could always go compact with the agile GoPro and all its clever accessories.

The MK-V Auto-leveling Revolution System


Scuba anyone?

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