NAB Report 2012: Trends in Video Production & Image Capture

Here are a few camera tidbits from NAB 2012. One of the highlights at NAB was the astonishing Blackmagic Cinema Camera.  A prototype was displayed at the show. 

Blackmagic Cinema Camera

The hand held “cinema camera” has an incredible 13 stop dynamic range.  It comes with a built in SSD recorder to record in 2.5k uncompressed CinemaDNG RAW 12-bit capture, or if you want, you could go straight to Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD compressed format which is great for simplifying workflow.

The ergonomic hand held camera has a nice large LCD screen with touch metadata entry.  It includes DaVinci Resolve and UltraScope and has Thunderbolt and EF lens compatibility.

The cost at $2,995 is without a lens.  Throw in the $195 Easy Grip handles and a nice lens or two and you still come under $5,000.  At this price it is going head to head with the Canon 5D Mark III.  The Canon of course is a dual camera—for stills and video, so if you want the option of both—that is the way to go.  The Blackmagic camera is designed specifically for video, but with superior dynamic range, so for pure “cinema video” only, the Blackmagic camera is the way to go.  It is due out in July.

David Basulto with custom iPad camera rig - back David Basulto with custom iPad camera rig - front

How about turning your iPad 3 into an all in one hand held camera with a giant monitor?  David Basulto shows off his custom rig with modified accessories to support the hand held ability and a more robust lens that slides over the iPads built in lens.

Epic Camera on RC helicopter


The Epic Adventure HD Camera is a less expensive alternative to the GoPro. 

It is best for situations where low light levels are not an issue.  This tiny lipstick cam is seen here mounted on a radio controlled miniature helicopter.

 - Bill Knowland

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