NAB 2015 Streaming Video Trends: Social Video Awakens


Social video trends became apparent at NAB 2015 in a dramatic, yet evolutionary way. Traditional linear video continues as a strong form of passive engagement. Interactive video and social video now engage the viewer, subject, and videographer at an even deeper level.

In particular, live video lends itself to not only commentary, but social interaction between who’s behind the camera, who’s in front of the camera, and who’s in front of the monitor.

Will Waters displays NewTek TalkShow.

Skype causes waves of collaboration
Skype announced that is has enabled a hardware-software solution, Skype TX for studio quality broadcasting. Skype TX is an integrated system to broadcast professional quality full frame video calls. Its API integration has already spawned a partnership with QuickLink and NewTek.

With NewTek TalkShow, you can transmit or receive calls from any video-savy computer, mobile device, game console, conference system or Internet TV running Skype software. TalkShow, which was awarded an NAB Best of Show award, adds full-bandwidth call recording, pro audio and proc amp controls, built in video preview display and tally support. Plus it adds video over IP via the TriCaster for extra bonus points.

Leslie Kajomovitz demos the Vizrt social TV solution.

Taking collaboration to another level is Vizrt (just try to pronounce it!)
Their elegant turnkey system allows broadcasters to capture live social media data and present it in tandem with a video broadcast. Working in association with Twitter, Vizrt’s social TV solution is able to liven video broadcasts up with moderated real-time Twitter feeds. Twitter Curator works with Vizrt and other broadcast partners to help search and filter Twitter content, allowing video producers the ability to work with Twitter participants. Social video has emerged as a form of community journalism.

Enthusiastic GoPro fans!

The Cult of GoPro
Does GoPro have a loyal fanbase? Play this video clip to find out...

GoPro announced the launch of HeroCast, an HD micro transmitter for live broadcasting. Developed in association with Vislink, HEROCast transmits low latency H.264 encoded HD video. For POV shots, HEROcast can be connected to a HERO3 or HERO4 camera with a lockable HDMI cable. You can also connect from their BacPac via the housing of a GoPro camera for mounted shots.

Sony steps in
Not to be outdone, Sony announced they will be rolling out the world’s first 4K ready, IP networked live production switcher for broadcasting live.

Its key technology, Networked Media Interface, allows all devices to be connected, and all signal types transmitted, via a single Ethernet cable. This brand new 4K switcher is scheduled for release later this year.

Learn some tips from Livestream’s Dennis O’Brien

Broadcast on location in style
Livestream has redesigned its portable all-in-one production switcher with a sleek new handle and 5 HDMI /SDI inputs.

Two hot technologies merge
You like drones and you like streaming. Now you can have the best of both worlds with the Streambox drone Encoder Pro. Broadcast live drone footage with this Best of NAB 2015 winner!

Be your own transmitter–A meeting of the media
With the release of its new TVU One cellular uplink transmitter, what was once the size of a backpack is now the size of brick. This one device allows you to aggregate all the bandwidth you need to transmit live video, anything that gives you an IP address; whether it be wifi, cellular, satellite or microwave.

Dan Sorensen of TVU Networks explains how video journalists can collaborate with broadcasters using TVUMe

TVUMe is an IP video exchange marketplace. It's a new way to connect broadcasters with independent producers or videographers. Through GPS and the app TVU Anywhere, broadcasters can identify people that are live streaming and are able to pull that content into their workflow and either take it live or create B roll.

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