Inbound Marketing & Interactive Video: the Best of Both Worlds

What is inbound marketing? is an interactive video that allows you to explore the best of both worlds! Click Chapters or the play button to get started.

In this presentation, you will learn what inbound marketing is through the use of hot spots and overlays, chapters, hierarchical branching, as well as fly-outs that go to downloadable content or destination urls.

Inbound marketing at its core, focuses on attraction, engagement and service.

One of the best ways to attract website visitors is with interactive video; and by allowing the viewer to be in control of what they see and when they see it, interactive video drives better engagement.

According to a Demand Metric and Brightcove report, 28% of those surveyed consider interactive video technology a competitive differentiator that attracts. In addition, the respondents claimed there was an average of 66% more video engagement.

To see examples of interactive video and to read more about how it can help you, explore here or watch a replay of our live streaming event about interactive video by clicking the banner below.

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Topics: Video, Inbound Marketing, Interactivity, Video Marketing, Interactive Video