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Marketing management is a real chore. You often don't know how your marketing is doing, where your customers are coming from, which leads you should continue to pursue, which leads are dead ends, and how to make sense of all the information which is coming at you. If this sounds like your dilemma or if you're pursuing a more profitable marketing arm, you may wish to manage this marketing with a HubSpot Partner. Save time, conserve energy and save yourself from the stress of managing in-house marketing campaigns.

If you are like most businesses, time is money and there is never enough time. You may be sorting through bills, organizing invoices, collecting email contacts, social media contacts, and other digital correspondence entwined with business cards, and maybe even leads scrawled out on paper or your arm! As you can imagine having all these disparate destinations for what amounts to the same thing can be quite challenging. However, HubSpot Partners will get all of your leads in a central database. No longer will you go scouring for contacts; they will all be in one place. 

Once your contacts are loaded into your HubSpot portal, every marketing action going forward will be fed into the touchpoint timeline. You will be able to see when and where contacts were made, who contacted leads, how they contacted, and what was discussed. Having all of your sales point actions in chronological and detailed order makes doing business much simpler.

Some contacts may be more likely to respond to automated emails; some may prefer a personal phone call; some will be okay with emails as long as they are personal, some desire other means of communication. As you build out your lists, you will be able to score your leads based on these criteria. This may sound small but imagine barking up a tree with a phone call when a text message is the best way to get your clients to respond.

A robust and well-managed database is a valuable database. If you have old leads, and they are not going anywhere, your lists will swell, and your employees will be wasting time on dead ends. The growth of your database can occur when it gets leaner and stronger. 

Consider it as a human being bulking up from excess consumption or toning up from weight training. The growth of your midsection is far less preferable to upper body strength. You want to keep your leads healthy and secure and grow your business by shrinking down the excess dead weight. A Certified HubSpot Partner can help build a robust and self-preserving CRM.

Another pretty great tool within the HubSpot software are these "progressive" questions. Your team can see where the contact is within the buyer's journey, how they behave with the content on your website, what was discussed during sales calls, what content was abandoned, and what had an impact on the purchasing process. An inbound marketing agency worth their salt will have the formulas and strategies necessary to establish a plan of action. 

One more great thing about the software is the integration of HubSpot's programs with all of the websites, APIs, and tools that you are likely already using. So when your team begins building out a profile of existing information that is already in your database, that information can be shepherded into your new database, making the likelihood of there being missing information far less likely. The integrations include any CRM system, dovetailing with social media, and deeper integration with most marketing platforms. 

Well if you think you can deal with your day-to-day business operations while introducing a new marketing management platform all by yourself with no interruptions to your business, you certainly can do so. But before you do, you may wish to call on a HubSpot Partner to just find out how they can help you introduce these tools into your arsenal without interruption. The time and headache avoided are reason enough to, at least, understand the benefits of hiring a Certified HubSpot Partner. Our team can help you get your business marketing efforts up and running with these new platforms—transform your business and contribute to launching your teams to a newfound success.

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