FAQ Friday: Website Development Costs

Good web development starts from the beginning. Much like marketing, you can not have a successful website without a strategy. The centricity of the web to success in business creates a demand for more than just a static website. This edition of FAQ Friday discusses ways to determine the cost of a website development project.

What's the difference between web design and web development?

Web design and web development are complementary, yet distinct, disciplines in the digital world.

In short, web designers focus on creating aesthetically pleasing websites that frame your brand in the best light and give customers the experience they're after.

Web development, on the other hand, ensures that the fundamentals of the website are coded properly so that everything stays (technically) glued together.

Web design

Web design tends to be focused on the user experience, and you may have even heard web design terms like "UED design" bandied about once or twice.

That's because a website that has been optimized around a user experience design (UED) involves web designers enhancing the website's usability and navigability.

Web development

So, if web design is the front-end of a website, then web development would be the nuts-and-bolts backend technical processes that bring the website to life.

Web developers program the code—usually using open-source software such as HTML5—that tells the website how to function while also allowing you to make updates with a content management system (CMS) years down the road.

Why does your company need a website development firm that does both?

If you're seeking out a website development firm to launch a new website for your company, you'll want a firm that does both web design and web development on an in-house basis.

This helps bring down the cost, significantly streamlines the process of marrying the form of web design to the function of website development, and gives you more confidence that website development extras like SEO and e-commerce integration are coordinated properly.

In this evolving market in which two-thirds of your customers have smartphones, you need a website that's both mobile compatible and responsive to a range of other devices (e.g., tablets). Your bottom line literally depends on it as 40% of prospects will leave your website altogether if it takes more than three seconds to load.

A website development firm that has both web designers and web developers in-house can ensure that everything runs smoothly from the proposal and planning stages to the beta testing, optimization and launch phases. (DirectImages)

What are the benefits of a new website versus a website redesign for your business?

If you're a business without a modern website, then the benefits of a new website are profound in terms of inbound marketing opportunities, lead nurturing, and overall exposure for your brand.

A responsive website enables social media and email advertising initiatives, viral marketing, automation and greater analytics vis-a-vis your customers' preferences.

Redesigning or updating your old website with modern features like increased responsiveness and e-commerce integration tools (e.g., Magento or Shopify) can greatly increase your sales and customer satisfaction ratings.


Choosing a website design agency that is well versed in marketing, website development and design is vital to the success of your project. If you have questions about getting started or need a quote for your website development costs, please feel free to sign up for a complimentary consultation where we will discuss the benefits of an agency, the details of your project, as well as review any questions you may have.

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