FAQ Friday: How to Outsource Marketing Activities


In today’s challenging economy, a small business owner is often forced to wear many hats during a typical business day. From accounting, payables and receivables to sales and marketing, running a small business takes time, knowledge and effort across multiple tasks to survive and grow.

The Internet has given small business owners the unprecedented ability to research, hire and work with qualified freelancers from around the world. Outsourcing business tasks can help to free up your time and allow you to focus on the details surrounding your core business.

Today’s FAQ Friday will address the benefits of outsourced marketing. Outsourced marketing can be tricky, but if you seek out reputable vendors and have a solid brand identity to work with, outsourcing your marketing can help you to grow your business.

Let’s look at some frequently asked questions that can help you decide if outsourced marketing is right for your business.


How Do I Outsource?

The first step is to identify which services make the most sense to outsource. Do you need help keeping up timely blog posts? Do you leverage social media properly? Do you have a logo? Make a list of all of the marketing needs you currently have and project into the future. Will your time free up enough to allow you to blog and post to social media? If not, consider outsourcing those tasks.

Once you’ve decided which marketing tasks your comfortable outsourcing, do some research online. There are many different ways to establish an outsourcing strategy. For example, if you’re looking for website design, find a website design company who can also provide content—an inbound marketing agency—that way you’re working with one vendor. 

If blog posts are a problem, most agencies work with freelance writers or can find a technical writer if necessary. You can hire professionally qualified and affordable writers to create ongoing content for your blog. Go to the site and read their example work to find a writer that best matches your style.

Design sites, social media specialists, web developers, general marketing freelancers and more can all be found within an agency network.


When Do I Outsource?

There’s no set time period. You can search for hire an agency when your business is slow and have them in place during your busiest times of a year. It really depends upon your workload. If you have a new product launch scheduled, handing the marketing off while in development can free up your time to focus on the minutia of getting your product ready to launch. The most important aspect of outsourcing is to be realistic with your expectations. Don’t wait until two days before your big product launch to hire an inbound marketing agency! Make sure you give whomever you hire the time they need to do an effective job!


What Should I Outsource?

Outsourced marketing can cover almost any marketing function from social media to print advertising design and anything in between. Tasks that require a lot of your time such as creating blog content or properly posting social media, as well as tasks you are not comfortable with like web development or graphic design lend themselves nicely to outsourcing.


What About Working with An Agency?

If your marketing tasks are numerous and you have a budget, working with an inbound marketing agency is certainly a possibility. In this case, you could turn all or any part of your marketing over to their creative team. A good firm will have copywriters, designers, publicists, advertising specialists and inbound marketing experts on staff who can handle all your marketing needs. Again, the key is to find a team that you click with and can understand your creative vision, business goals and marketing needs.

Depending upon your needs, whether you choose to build a team of freelancers who specialize, or decide to hire a full-service marketing agency, outsourced marketing can be a great decision. With an investment of a little up-front time to set your team or agency in place, you can free up your time to focus on growing your core business.

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