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The chief aim behind interactive marketing is to move the conversation that companies have with customers away from a transaction-based interaction and more towards a reciprocal give-and-take. Essentially, the more customer engagement, social media sharing, and user-generated content that you can inspire, the better.

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Entertain and Educate Your Customers

Interactive video takes the fundamental principle of interactive marketing—namely, that marketing should be more than a monologue plugging your products—and applies them to the ways that fans already interact with your brand. Your followers are on YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion by the millions, connecting with your brand on Facebook and Twitter, and increasingly coming to your website from a mobile device.

In terms of your mobile customers, online videos now account for half of all mobile traffic; moreover, 93% of B2C marketers use video for sales, communication and online marketing. Video marketing is equally hot when it comes to B2B marketing since 96% of B2B marketers—that's 24/25 B2B marketers we're talking about—plan on heavily incorporating videos into their content marketing over the coming year.

Video Marketing and Higher Brand Awareness

Customers and other businesses are accessing video from their tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices before heading off to your social media feed to give you their comments and feedback. As the old marketing adage that says, "the more time that people spend watching the higher the brand awareness at the end," definitely holds true for engaging yet educational branded videos.

Are you ready for another stat that will blow your mind? The average consumer spent a mere three minutes watching online videos on their mobile devices in 2011. Guess how many minutes the average person spent watching videos on their mobile devices in 2018? Nearly forty minutes! That explosion helps explain why 2018 was the best year yet for video marketing and the fact that your customers are giving both short- and long-form videos their full attention.

Unique Benefits of Interactive Video

When you talk about interactive video, or just online videos in general, a mental image of YouTube's homepage probably isn't far behind. And for good reason: a healthy percentage of your customers and 50% of executives, according to a Forbes study, watched business-related videos on YouTube. What's more, an even higher percentage visited the given company's website after watching.

Inspire Action and Encourage Social Media Engagement

Online videos can be accessed from anywhere and they afford customers and other professionals the chance to pause the video, discover more about your company, and review the products and services on your website. That's actually one of the main benefits to using interactive videos: You can spur people on with a call-to-action through embedded annotations or post external links to your social media feeds without hampering the flow of your video for customers.

Increase Attention, Recall, Watch Time and Satisfaction

Interactive videos that let customers choose what to see next, pause the action and drop a hashtag on social media or do a little more research on your website all contribute to more customer engagement. Incorporating interactive elements into your videos has been shown to increase attention and recall (i.e., essentially why we're marketing in the first place) but also the time that your customers spend watching videos on mobile devices and the overall satisfaction they glean from doing so.

Interactive Videos for More Immersion, Convenience and Autonomy

Think back to a movie or show that you really got wrapped up in. Now think about what made that experience stand out: It probably had something to do with the fact that the show riveted your attention and created an immersive experience. When you can chain together multiple videos without severing your overarching narrative, affix in-video text entry into your clips, and link straight out to social media without losing a beat, you forge a closer connection with the people who matter most: your customers.

Speaking of the customer, you definitely want to take steps towards crafting a convenient yet informative video experience. Periodically putting the option for customers to take a quick look at your website or relevant blog posts and PDFs can enrich the overall experience for your customers. You can add what you need for customers to get more out of your videos—e.g., via YouTube annotations urging customers to check out more info on your website (and subscribe!)—or underline the most important takeaways from one of your video learning modules.

Need Help Getting Started?

Videos drive greater brand awareness, customer engagement, social media participation and more action taking through annotated calls to action embedded in your videos. Even with the stunning ROI that video marketing offers, many companies still feel overwhelmed just diving straight into the deep end. That's where putting professionals in your corner comes in handy.

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